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  • Tele Video Conference

    Video conferencing software in the market usually has poor connection quality due to its free nature and also users’ struggle to hassle for bandwidth with other users resulting in poor connectivity.

  • High Quality Video and Performance

    Vling promises high quality video conferencing connections, good quality, and is suitable for office training, conferences such as seminars, as well as for corporate board management matters.

  • Secure and Reliable

    At the same time, Vling can be installed on the private servers of companies, and even for government bodies by using the telecommunication servers of leading ICT companies.

    Confidential government bodies should have personalized telecommunications software so that confidential information is not monitored by third parties. Vling provides this option

Packed Full of Powerful Features

Privacy and Security

End-to-end encryption

Browser support

No application required

Unlimited hours of meeting

Unlimited meeting rooms

Unlimited participants

E-Learning functions

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